I'm using this blog to share my thoughts about software development, building products, and building companies. I will also talk about other experiences I enjoyed or things I learned on my journeys. Interested in something specific? Please reach out.

43 Hours on the Amtrak Southwest Chief

In September 2022, after watching many YouTube videos of other people on long-distance Amtrak trips, I finally embarked on a journey of my own. I took the Amtrak Southwest Chief train from Chicago to Los Angeles. Continue reading to learn more about it and why I'll do it again on another route.

I Left my previous job to Work on nzyme Full Time

Today, I am incredibly excited to announce that I left my previous position to work on nzyme full-time. Working as founder and CTO for almost ten years and helping the company grow to more than 125 full-time employees, I have learned a lot that I can now put to work again.

Moving to Mastodon

After the recent events of Elon Musk taking over, I and many others started using Mastodon and reduced Twitter activity. I avoid calling this a "switch" because I do not plan to remove my account on Twitter.